Go Fishing Short Trip


Join MS Rapp & Gosta for a short fishing trip!


We are sponsored by Sølvkroken, a norwegian manufacturer of fishing equipment so we have everything you would ever need to catch delicious fish. 

The Captain know where the good spots are, we have the right equipment and we have returned from every single trip with plenty of catch so trust us when we say we are specialized!


If you are fewer then 6 people, please check for availability, only on request



We promise

- Good vibes
- Slow pace
- Dedicated and motivated staff
- Local knowledge
- Stunning scenery


10:30 Departure (From Norwegian Oil Museum)
11:00 Fishing
12:00 Shuttle home

We have 3-4 good spots close to the city

Here we can catch codfish, pollock, mackerel, tusk, ling and much more.

We will seal up the catch for you in a vacuum-bag or maybe cook it up right away, depends on capacity. 

Also we can bring our expert fisherman John Olav Larsen, one of the best fishermen in Norway.

He have catched over 120 different fishes and also helped out when the world record with rod where set couiple of years ago when they catched a greenland shark weighing 1080kg!

Additional cost for John Olav; 500kr pr hour


  1. Stavanger