Go Fishing Long Trip


“I like to fish. Fishing is always a way of relaxing.” ~ Tom Felton
We believe great fishing spots are where the adventure you seek meets the views you can’t get enough of, and that’s why a fishing trip with GOSTA is what you don’t want to miss. 
So pick up some bait, load up your tackle box, and come along as we show you where the best fishing spots are around the city. 
We need a minimum of 6 people for the fishing trip. 
For less than 6 people, please check for availability:
+4747451925 I christian@gosta.co


The fishing trip usually takes 3 hours in the MS Rapp boat which specializes in fishing with pickup point from Oil Museum or Hundvåg depending on the season.
We are sponsored by Sølvkroken, a Norwegian manufacturer of fishing equipment so you will have everything that you need to catch a fish.

If fishing is running through your veins – we have got it all. Stunning backdrop and a huge choice of species including codfish, pollock, mackerel, tusk and many more. Our captain knows the best spots and we never come back without a catch. Trust us when we say we are specialized
Norway’s expert and one of the best fishermen John Olav Larsen who has catch over 120 different species. He was also part of the world record setting team for catching a Greenland shark weighing 1080 kilograms! He is also available to join the fishing trip with an additional cost of 500 NOK per hour
Your catch of the day is usually packed in a vacuum sealed bag because we believe the satisfaction of catching a fish and serving it for dinner is one of the most rewarding aspects of fishing. 


  1. Stavanger