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Fra NOK 800

Join GOSTA Boatlife on a boat trip through the most beautiful islands of Stavanger. 

Do you want to see and visit most stunning views of the city from the 75-year-old “Herborg” with the experienced local crew?

JOIN US for this adventure!


Min 6 passengers, max 12


Fra NOK 800

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Departure from Oil Museum
First, there will be a short 15min shuttle under the iconic city bridge, out to the first stop at Steinsøy.
We will hang out at Steinsøy before going to the next stop at Langøy.
At Langøy, we will first stroll through the Island before leaving the island
Another 20 mins shuttle,before we finish off the beautiful day at Lindøy


The Boat

“Herborg” is a classic 75 years old Norwegian built sailboat, used to be a fishing boat.

Kept in good hands of the guys from GOSTA Boatlife, the boat is now used for tourism.


The Crew

The Crew Team is represented by Christian Øie and Bjørn Foldøy,

two best friends and passionate sailors who decided who change their lives and live the dream of boat-life and being local hosts in Stavanger.


Both of them grew up on the island of Hundvåg and spent their childhood exploring the city, so islands and boats are what they know the best.


The Islands

A paradise with a dark history...
When young boys grew up in Stavanger, their mothers would point fingers and threaten them to be sent out to this island,
as we used to call "Alcatraz for kids". Former orphanage and boys-school, this place was an institution with a very bad reputation until 2005.

All around the island there is walking trails and here we will do a stroll and we will stop at Gosta's favorite viewpoint over Stavanger and the City Islands.

Name meaning "Long-Island" and it is the longest of the City Islands.
Like Lindøy, there is no cars here.It's only possible to reach by boat and there is lots of space, stunning views and even this is just a stones-throw from Hundvåg, it feels like it is much further away from the City of Stavanger and the suburbs than what it really is..

We will also do a little stroll here, check out some cool ruins related to the WW2 and we will also do a stop here for a BBQ

Steinsøy is another not-so-creative name of an island, meaning Rock-Island.
It is tiny, but really cool. A quick stop here is mandatory for any island-hopping trip with Gosta and you will see why, no spoilers!





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