3. Go Cruising

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Fra NOK 2'000

Rent the SS Herborg for chill & relaxed boat-trips.


Also perfect for bachelor parties and tailormade celebrations! 


We can also arrange local & tasty refreshments and cuisine, watersports, PA system and much more.

Challenge us!


Max capacity 12 people



Fra NOK 2'000

Bestill nå! Forespørsel

Tailor-made itinerary, every tour is different.

Call Christian for a boat chat, any time 

+47 47451926


Hosted by locals!


Bjørn Foldøy, former HVAC engineer, now captain with all courses that a skipper need to do commercial boat trips.

Christian Øie, very local tourist guide and customer lover that loves to talk and host.


Come and feel the nice atmosphere in the classic Hardanger-jakt (means Hardanger Yacht) from 1941. 

This type of boats was very popular for fishing, as they were fast and had room for a lot of fish. 

Now it's considered as slow, and it has a lot of space for guests


  1. Stavanger