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Bestill nå! Forespørsel

Fra NOK 500

Small producers of Stavanger Tour!

The City of Stavanger is full of small scale, high quality producers of tasty stuff.

Join us on a tour with tasting of local cheese, beer, micro-greens, chilli-sauce, see how its made and meet the people behind the product!

Fra NOK 500

Bestill nå! Forespørsel

We will meet up in Stavanger coziest cafe Bøker og Børst in the colorful street, before walking towards the hip and cool Stavanger East area where all the producers are. 

First we visit the production facilities of Midsummer Hot Sauce to see how the trending sauce is made.

We will then walk over to producer Smågrønt that makes delicious micro-greens in a container plus checking out the bar Øst for a little pit-stop.

Then we walk over to Janas, where local smoked salmon is being produced, before going to Yeastside brewery, where the master brewer explains the process.

Afterwards you taste various brews paired with cheese from Stavanger Ysteri. 

To finish the tour, we end with it with a hearty snack made of all the products you have seen been made along the tour!

Duration about 2 to 3 hours


Minimum 4 people



Midsummer Hot Sauce HQ, small chilli-sauce factory that brews small batches of amazing chillisauce

Yeastside Brewery, one of many Stavanger breweries. Smallest, but most charming.

Stavanger Ysteri, award winning cheese producer

Smågrønt, a passionate couple that grows microgreens in a container i Stavanger East

Janas Fiskerøykeri, local salmon-smoker


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